Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight


We have gained grounds in the shipping industry! Transglobal Logistics provides exceptional, personalized local service in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and other countries. Our integrated communication system allows customers to contact any of our offices and receive current information and services anytime. Transglobal Logistics adheres to the company’s philosophy of emphasizing performance and exceeding customer service expectations through efficiency, reliability, versatility and innovation. At Transglobal Logistics, we focus on bringing opportunity to our customers by utilizing all of our extensive equipment and resources; we always play an integral role in helping our customers find the best ways to ship. Primary services we offer include Ocean Freight, Door-to-Door, Air Cargo, Warehousing, Pre-Clearance, Automobile Shipping & Container Shipping. Please use the menu below to learn more about our services.

Ocean Freight

We offer shipping services to many destinations across the world; utilizing various Ocean Carriers to optimize getting your cargo to destination in the shortest time frame possible.

We pick up barrels, boxes, furniture, appliances and packages throughout our areas of operation. You can also have these items delivered or dropped off at our warehouse for fast efficient service. You can even pack your barrels and boxes at our locations for your convenience. Click here for tips when packing barrels/boxes.

You can schedule your pick up, by calling any of our offices and providing the name, address, phone number of the shipper as well as the name, address and phone number of the receiver/consignee. For your convenience, you can also schedule your pick up online by clicking here.

We offer a vast array of custom crating and packaging alternatives. You can bring your items to our warehouse for crating/packaging. We provide crates for glass items, television and electronics, marble, granites, fragile items and much more so you can ship with peace of mind.

We have standard shipping rates for barrels. For non-barrel items, contact us with the length, width and height for an estimate.

Tips for Packing Barrels**

Remember, when your barrel is delivered to the shipping company to be shipped overseas, it will be loaded, packed and stacked on top or below other barrels, boxes and other items in a 20 foot or 40 foot container. This container will then be stacked on a ship with hundreds more. Because of this, the way you pack your items can certainly influence the way your items will be received at the destination.

  • Sort all items before packing. Toiletries, canned food, dried food, clothes, heavy items etc. Tape the cover of liquid items. Canned items should never be placed next to or on top of bottles and items with liquid as they tend to squeeze out during shipping. Heavy items should never be placed on top of these bottled items as well. Instead keep bottled items on top of canned and heavy items. Place them in bags just in case some spillage occurs.
  • Put heavier items, and canned food to the bottom; trying to keep similar shaped items together. It’s always a good idea to put canned items in bags just in the event spillage occurs during shipping.
  • Soap items should never be shipped with food items as the scent is usually transferred to food items in the barrel.
  • Put clothing items and boxed items next
  • Dried foods, rice and fragile items should be packed closer to the top. While there are no guarantees on shipping glass and fragile items, it is best to have these packaged, crated and shipped separately.
  • As you pack, small items can be squeezed into small spaces to make the best of the space.
  • Clothes, towels, linens can be used as protection to separate heavy items from more delicate items on top.

**Tips given are just a guideline and does not guarantee that there won’t be damaged or spilled items in barrels.

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